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Former Sugar Plantations & Growth Center

The Ewa region is in the southwestern corner of Oahu and includes the city of Kapolei and communities of Ewa.  This region is warmer and bit more arid, but not to the extent of the Leeward Coast.  Historically this area was mostly sugarcane plantations and farms.  Within the last 20-30 years, Ewa has been growing as part of a master plan to make this area Oahu’s second commercial hub. The city of Kapolei is referred to as “Oahu’s second city” as it continues to develop. 

Ewa has grown exponentially with the addition of Ocean Pointe and Hoakalei as well as the resort community of Ko’olina.  Ewa residents are a mix of many cultures as the newer construction and lower prices attract local families as well as military families and retirees from all over the world.  Not as diverse as Metro Honolulu, but residential and commercial properties available in the Ewa region will surely satisfy any homeowner or investor needs.

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