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Get Smart at Home

If you’re considering selling your home in 2022, technology upgrades can help to increase interest and value.  This is already one of the fastest growing trends in home design, but smart home technology will soon move from a ‘plus’ to a ‘must’ as the number of tech savvy Millennial and Gen Z buyers continues to grow.  

Touchless Everything

Temperature and lighting control can now be voice or motion activated. Touchless faucets, once thought superfluous, are now an inexpensive and health-conscious upgrade in these pandemic times.

Video Doorbells / Cameras

Once costly and cumbersome, security cameras and video doorbells are more affordable than ever and, with wireless technology, have never been easier to install.  You can check who is coming and going from your home with a mobile device from anywhere in the world.


Many smart thermostats can adjust the climate in your home depending on whether you’re home or away, saving you dollars you didn’t know you were spending.  Adjustments can also be easily done from mobile devices.

Smart Appliances

Smart appliances can be programmed, controlled remotely, or operate autonomously based on input from sensors detecting things like temperature, light levels, or activity. These connected appliances offer benefits such as better energy management and greater convenience, comfort, and security. 

Carbon Monoxide / Smoke Detectors

Smart carbon monoxide and smoke detectors employ innovative features such as self-testing, direct communication with emergency dispatchers, and advanced sensors that can detect both slow-burning and fast-burning fires.

Keyless Entry

New keyless entry devices allow homeowners to unlock their doors or open a garage remotely from their cell phones. No need to worry about porch pirates when your Amazon packages can be left inside!

If you’re thinking about selling in 2022, please feel free to reach out.  I can help you determine which upgrades are necessary and which can provide the best return!


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