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Resources For These Uncertain Times [COVID-19]

General economic conditions remain uncertain as we’re nearing the end of the two-week stay-at-home order and local leaders are hinting at extending it.  Nationally, our leaders seem more focused on the November election and the circus leading up to that, rather than taking care of the important matters at hand.

Unfortunately, many people are already struggling financially and things may get worse before they get better.  If you know someone who is having trouble paying their rent, mortgage, or utility bills, please share this with them.  If you know someone who owns rental properties and their tenants are not able to pay rent, please share this so they can help their tenants.

Aloha United Way resource page with information about AUW’s Rent and Utility Assistance, Honolulu City and County Household Hardship Relief Fund, and the Department of Hawaiian Home Lands COVID-19 Emergency Rental Assistance.

The various programs and services available through Catholic Charities Hawaii for housing and homeless solutions.

Page not found - Catholic Charities Hawaiʻi


Since out national government doesn’t seem to be working on this, we need to watch out for one another and help where we can!


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